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Food is Medicine - Food is Beauty

Clementine Campbell is a qualified naturopathic nutritional therapist and NLP coach, I am also trained in Reiki healing and in Kundalini yoga.  I believe beauty begins on the inside and what we eat has a profound effect on how we look and feel.

With the right food & lifestyle you will be feeding your body natural medicine so you will radiate and glow and feel amazing from the inside out!

I am based in Stow-on-the-Wold, the heart of the Cotswolds,

I will show you the path to living a glowing, healthier and happier life, filled with energy and free from painful symptoms and conditions that are all too common in our modern society.

Restore your health, prevent illness

Boost your wellbing



I specialise in Autophagy & glucose management after researching new revolutionary science based nutrition & lifestyle patterns to enhance radiance, weight loss, disease & ageing.

Getting older maybe inevitable but we have the power to define how we age.  I can show you the secrets of how to defy ageing, limit free radicals that cause disease to look & feel younger, slimmer & healthier than ever before - releasing a new, energised body you may never thought possible!

I work naturopathically, integrating all my training to enable me to take a complete overview of your symptoms past & present so we can move forward together incorporating life coaching, spirituality & nutrition to discover a gentle, bespoke way forward to hep you find complete balance of health & happiness.  Look at this experience as a health MOT, something the doctor can't offer and may even save your life!  Similar to joining a gym or a spa - I will show you how you can defy ageing, analyse any potential movement of disease & reverse symptoms so you feel like you did in your 20's - and still enjoy cake!

I now incorporate Red Light Therapy in my healing journey process.





Since I started seeing Clemmie she has not only been my nutritionist, but also my PT, spiritual guide, psychotherapist and genuinely looked after my interests as if I was part of her family!  She also made me realise  from the beginning that the rewards are transformational if I was prepared to make small, gentle changes over time and that I would get as much out of the process as I was willing to put in.

Anna Hadley (Oxfordshire)



Clemmie has been completely invested in my wellbeing progress, as if it were her own. She has given me the practical tools and knowledge to make my goals easy & possible and has been on hand whenever I have needed support and guidance.

Laura Ray (Gloucestershire)

Clem provided me with endless safe, compassionate & non judgmental help to holistically explore all aspects of my life, to think about what I am putting into my body (from toxic beauty products to nutrition), to realising concepts and ideas about what my wellness looked like and to connect to my spirituality which has filled a void in my soul for a long time, leaving me feeling so much happier in myself, as well as sleeping better &  bursting with energy.  I haven't felt like this in years!

Louise Thompson (Worcestershire)

Clem, oh my goodness, thank you more than I can say.  On many levels this is the most healing, holistic and nourishing (in all senses of the word) advice I've had.  Just quietly reading through your plan a couple of times since yesterday evening has brought a spark of inspiration and challenge, both of which I feel I need to get me started on anything.

All your thoughts are helpful, simple to understand and, I hope(!), to follow.  They make sense to me.  I shall take them slowly, step by step.  Through your gentle holistic approach, you've managed to help me think about  a new way forward.  I've found reading books on what I should and shouldn't eat and recipes I know I'll never attempt have made me shy away from even trying.  Now it's up to me!  Thank you for giving me such a lot of your time and thought.  It's invaluable and I am so very grateful and impressed.

I hope you have many clients, they'll be lucky the ones that find you.

Leila Price (Cheltenham)




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